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Ryan Dumermuth, CPA, CFP

Industries: Dental
Location: Cleveland (Mentor)

Ryan joined the Rea team in 1995. A native of Dover, Ohio, he now lives in Concord Township with his wife, Heather, and their sons Nolan and Blake.

He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in business administration from Baldwin-Wallace College. He also received his MBA from Ashland University.

Ryan focuses on tax planning, practice improvement and financial planning for dental clients.

How did you get started in dental accounting?

I have been working with dental clients since 2006. I currently work with about 25 practices. Not a day goes by where I don't have some form of contact with a dental practice.

What is the most interesting problem or issue you've helped a dentist with?

The interesting ones are generally the ones that take the most emotional energy as opposed to technical knowledge, including:

  • Discussing out-of-line staff expenses and how to best deal with them
  • Analyzing whether the time, effort and expense of opening a second office would produce enough of a financial payback
  • Monitoring and moderating personal spending in order to save for retirement or a child's college education

How are you different than other CPAs that work with dentists?

There aren't a lot of CPAs who work with dentists, so my clients have an advantage because I understand their operations, issues and challenges. I read the same publications they read, like Dental Economics, which is rare among CPAs.

What issues do you see dentists struggling with most often?

Every dentist I talk to is concerned with patient volume and fees collected. Staff wages and benefits are the largest costs for a practice -- in order to keep up with increasing benefit costs, such as insurance, and give employees raises, they have to collect more in fees. If not, their employees may be upset that they haven't gotten pay increases, or the doctors take a pay cut in order to pay for those increases. Nearly all other expenses in a practice are increasing, too. In order to maintain doctor compensation, dentists have to increase the fees they collect.

What is the number one thing a dentist can do to stay on top?

Have a great staff that keeps patients coming back, and keeps new ones coming through the door.

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