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Retirement Planning for Dentists

The structure of your practice’s retirement plan can have far-reaching implications for your personal financial wealth. Are you where you want to be – and will you be happy with your financial status during retirement? You may be able to make simple adjustments to your retirement plan – or develop a new program altogether – to maximize your retirement. Your valued employees will reap the benefits, too.

Selecting a Dental Retirement Plan

It’s difficult to choose the right employee benefit plan for your practice. If the size of your practice, the ages of your employees or your personal retirement plan goals have changed since you created your plan, it’s time to update.

If you want to start a retirement plan, or if you want to make sure your existing plan meets your practice’s changing needs, don’t go it alone. Rea’s dental retirement plan services team is well-versed in plan implementation, structure and design.

The PlanCompare benchmarking service gives your benefit plan a comprehensive and inexpensive evaluation. You’ll know where you’re on track and what areas you should improve. PlanCompare can help you to find ways to reduce plan fees, improve plan services and determine if you’re on track for your retirement goals.

Dental Benefit Plan Administration

Benefit plans are important for you and your practice, but they can quickly become difficult to manage. Rea’s dedicated retirement plan services team can take over administrative tasks, including:

  • Recordkeeping
  • Reporting
  • Enrollment
  • Distribution requirements
  • ERISA compliance

Contact our Dental Retirement Plan Team

Are you looking to start an employee benefit plan for your practice? Are you worried that your current plan isn’t meeting your practice’s needs? Or maybe that it doesn’t comply with ERISA requirements? Rea’s dental retirement plan professionals will create or establish a plan that meets your short- and long-term retirement goal. For more information, contact our dental accounting professionals or Alan C. Hill, CPA, the head of our dental team.

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