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Dental Practice Checkup

You know that it’s important for your patients to have regular checkups. Checkups keep them healthy and help you to spot little problems before they turn into big problems. But did you know that regular checkups help keep your practice healthy, too?

Does your practice hold a yearly financial checkup and planning meeting? Do you take time to review where you’ve been and where you want to go? An annual review is an important planning tool to help you manage your practice to ensure that you are on the path to financial success.

As part of our complete package of financial services for dentists, Rea offers year-end financial checkups. At the close of your financial year, we sit down with you to discuss the financial health of your practice and how it can be improved.

Our Financial Checkup Services Include:

  • Review of current financial statement and comparison to industry benchmarks
  • Strategies to deal with looming tax changes and preparations to maximize tax savings
  • Discussion of personal and business goals for the coming year and what’s needed to make them happen
  • Profit estimation, planning and maximization
  • Estate planning and document review
  • Insurance review
  • Practice-specific issues including, procedures, routine office policies, personnel issues or even the potential hiring of additional staff members

A Strategic Approach to Practice Growth

You probably have a general idea of how things are going in your practice. You’ve got a feeling that things are going well or maybe that something needs to be improved. But in order to achieve your financial goals, you need more than just a feeling – you need a business partner who can talk you through exactly what’s going on with your practice’s finances. It is essential to have someone who can diagnose your financial problems and give you real, implementable prescriptions for improvement.

Contact our Dental Services Team

When you work with Rea & Associates, you’ll get more than just technical accuracy. Our dental services team goes beyond tax and accounting work, serving as financial advisors to your practice. You need help growing and managing your practice so that you’re able to reach your personal and professional dreams. For more information about how we can help you manage your practice’s financial health, contact our dental accounting specialists or Alan C. Hill, CPA, head of Rea's dental team.

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