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Ten Tips for Growing Your Dental Practice

10 Ways to Grow Your Dental Practice Students are heading back to school and the busy summer months are just about over. With your schedule slimming down, now is the time to focus on growing your dental practice.

Dental Practice Growth Strategies

Promoting your dental services should be one of your top priorities this fall. How do you promote your practice, gain new patients and maintain current patients without breaking the bank? Here are a few easy tips that you can use starting today:

  1. Satisfied Patients. A happy patient is probably your best source for having a successful and busy practice. Building relationships with your dental patients can go a long way. When a relationship is formed, you’re helping them feel more comfortable and confident in your services, which will make them a returning patient.
  2.  Business Cards. Make sure your business card is on the counter where your patients are checking out. Also, have your team write appointment dates on your business card. If there is an emergency that comes up before their next visit, they will have your contact information handy.
  3.  Advertising. Developing an advertising budget is a great way to promote your dental practice. Ask your accountant to help you find dollars in your budget for an advertising campaign. Make sure you also develop a way to track results so you can measure the success of your investment.
  4.  Targeted Marketing. On new patient forms, ask your patients how they heard about your practice. Make a list or chart the responses. If you know where your patients are coming from, you can focus your attention and resources on those areas that are proven methods leading towards more dental patients.
  5.  Referral Programs. You work hard to keep your current clients happy. They appreciate it and probably know someone who could benefit from your services. A program that rewards patients for sending new patients your way could prove beneficial.
  6.  Brochures. Do you have a brochure in your lobby to promote your dental practice? That’s a great start, but also place them at schools, churches, shopping areas and various other places throughout your community. Be sure to list the services you offer along with your hours and contact information.
  7.  Direct Mail. Look for opportunities in your community to include your information in packets sent to new residents. If you include a coupon for a free cleaning or initial visit, you may bring in some new dental patients.
  8.  Newspaper Advertising. Taking out an advertisement in your local and community newspaper is still an effective approach to reaching some older prospective patients.
  9.  Website. A website is how potential dental patients will learn about your practice. Include information about yourself and your support team, the services you offer, contact information and hours of operation. Your patients will love it if you allow them to schedule appointments and ask questions online as many will probably be on your site after hours.
  10.  Social Media. Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are free resources that can keep your current and potential patients informed 24 hours a day. Patients like to see pictures of who you are, who your staff is, what your office looks like and what equipment you have available.

Growing your dental practice does take some work, but it is what provides you with a competitive edge in the dental world. You need to continuously sell your skills, technical expertise and confidence. You’ve made the investment in your career now make the investment to keep your practice growing.

Dental Practice Marketing

Need help deciding what is right for your dental practice, contact Rea & Associates. Our team of adept and talented Dental CPAs can help you develop ways to promote your dental practice.

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