Don’t Let Dental School Loans Get You Down

Graduating from dental school is a big deal – one you should be very proud of. Unfortunately, your obligation to repay your student loans can cut your celebrations short. Happily, there are programs available to help graduates elevate or ease the pain of having to pay back those loans.

In 2014, the Ohio General Assembly passed a law that effectively provides loan repayment for dentists and dental hygienists who practice in underserved areas of Ohio.

Who Qualifies For Relief?

If you meet one of the following criteria, you most likely qualify for the loan repayment program.

  • Dental students, and dental hygiene students, who are in their final year of school.
  • Dental residents in their first year of residency or are currently enrolled in an advanced education program.
  • Practicing general and pediatric dentist or dental hygienist.

Remember: you must be working full-time (40 hours per week) or part-time (20-39 hours per week) in underserved areas of the state serving Medicaid-eligible patients and those who are unable to pay.

Want to learn more about the practice sites that qualify for loan repayment program or want to complete the application for the loan repayment program application and other forms. The Ohio Department of Health (ODH) can help. You can also check out this loan repayment programs fact sheet for more details.

However, if you are looking for more help managing your finances in general, the bright dental team at Rea & Associates is at your service! Contact us today for more dental school tips.


Dentistry: It’s Not All White Coats and Drills

Dental Career - Dental CPA

When was the first time you said to yourself: “When I grow up, I want to be a dentist?” Some people say they knew at an early age while others become inspired to pursue a career in dentistry in college; most, however, are not prepared for the difficulty of owning their own dental practice. The Free e-book, The Business Side of Dentistry: Tips and Tools for Dentists, is a great resource for those who what to know what they should expect.

When did you start thinking about a career in dentistry? Was it that time you spent hours reading scholarly articles about teeth for a research paper in middle school? Was it after you volunteered to help run the registration table during a community dental clinic as a sophomore? Or maybe the thought didn’t cross your mind until you were about to walk down the aisle at graduation and was suddenly faced with the urgency of answering that BIG question: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Every professional in the field has a unique story about the moment they made the decision to become a dentist, but few will tell you that the reality of their career choice aligned perfectly with their expectations.

It turns out that most dentists don’t know what to expect when it comes to opening and managing their own dental practice.

Download: The Business Side of Dentistry: Tips and Tools for Dentists

You’re a trained, disciplined and compassionate professional who has likely invested an impressive amount of time and resources to get where you are today. From completing your bachelor’s degree and studying for the Dental Admission Test (DAT) to achieving high marks in class and excelling in your clinicals as a dental school student, you’re now ready to go out into the world and make a difference one tooth at a time.

Or are you?

Many dentists dream of starting their own dental practices. And while they may have the experience and expertise to care for their patients, they soon learn that they are ill equipped to manage the responsibilities that come along with being a small business owner. We have spoken with many dental practice owners who have said that while their educational career provided them with the knowledge and experience needed to become exceptional dentists, courses on taxes, financial planning, employee relations, finance, marketing, patient retention, business valuation, and real estate were simply not part of their dental school curriculum.

Do you want to know with whom you should align yourself to get your dental practice off the ground and soaring? Download The Business Side of Dentistry: Tips and Tools for Dentists for powerful insight into the real-world business challenges of dental practice owners. Whether you’re a recent dental school graduate, a seasoned dentist looking to take your career to the next level or a current dental practice owner looking for help maintaining a sustainable business model, this FREE e-book serves as an informative introduction into the business world of dentistry and offers readers a variety of helpful tips and tools to help dental professionals throughout their career.

Download your free copy of The Business Side of Dentistry: Tips and Tools for Dentists to discover what they never taught you in dental school or email Rea & Associates for more information.

By Ryan Dumermuth, CPA, CFP (Mentor office)


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