Managing Your Front Desk

Dentist Front Desk ManagementYour front desk has the ability to make one of the best impressions for your dental practice. From the way your dental patients are greeted, to how phone calls are handled, to the conversations that are heard by your patients as they wait to be seen, your front desk administration is making a lasting impact of your practice. Make sure it is the right one.

Every appointment starts and ends at the front desk, so what are you doing to ensure the experience is a positive one?  Here are five easy tips that you can start today with your team to provide your patients with the best experience possible at your dental practice.

  1. Service with a smile. A smile goes a long way and makes your patients feel welcomed. Even when talking on the phone with your patients, you sound happy when you are smiling.
  2. Is the front desk the social hub? It seems that office conversations find themselves around the front desk. However, that’s not the best place for them. Your patients in the waiting room may be heads down in a magazine, but they can still hear what is being said. Those conversations should happen elsewhere, away from patients.
  3. Keep the front desk clean and organized. The appearance of a clean front desk gives the impression that the dental practice is organized too. Patient information should also be guarded from anyone eyes.
  4. Be prepared for your patients. In the mornings, make sure your front office staff does all their morning duties before the doors open so the patients get full attention when they are coming in.
  5. Don’t make that last patient feel rushed. Take the extra time to treat the last patient just like the first. Staff turning off lights and rushing around the front desk makes the patient feel uncomfortable. Wait for those tasks to be completed after the patient is out the door.

Your front desk has the best opportunity to make a good impression of your dental practice.  You should take the time during the day and observe the front desk to make sure your patients are getting the impression they deserve. Need help deciding on how you can improvement the patient experience at your dental office? Contact Rea & Associates; our team of bright Dental CPAs can answer any questions you may have and provide suggestions on improving the patient experience.

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