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Are You Making the Right First Impression?

The old saying is you only have one chance to make a good first impression. So, when it comes to your dental office, the first impression is made at the front desk. What does your front desk say about your office?

When your patients walk in the door, it is important that they feel welcomed and comfortable. Going to the dentist can be scary and dreadful, so you want their experience to be as pleasant as possible. Make sure your office staff understands that and does everything they can to make your patients happy. Here are a few things you can do to improve your patient’s experience at your office.

Ask for feedback.

Personally ask your dental patients for feedback about the service they are receiving from your front office staff. Your patients will be very open and honest with you and this is the best way to decide what needs improved and what doesn’t.

Be the patient.

Try calling into the front office as a patient so you can personally assess how your patients are being treated. Disguise your voice so you can really hear what your patient is experiencing.

Take action NOW.

If you discover there are improvements that need made, take action to correct the issues. Ignoring poor performance, poor attitudes and poor communication skills will cost you. You will not attract new patients and you will lose existing patients. You may even lose good employees. Fix these issues now, before it is too late.

Don’t wait it out.

You may have employees that feel they have entitlement if they have been with your dental practice for a long time. Don’t let their feelings of entitlement jeopardize relationships with your  dental patients. Discuss with them what needs to change and how they should be doing their job and treating the patients.

Invest in your employees.

Training is an important aspect for continual job improvement. Invest in all your employees by offering additional training so they know how important they are to your dental practice and its success. Also, consider your employees’ titles. Does their title convey their importance? At Rea, our receptionists have the title of Director of First Impressions; this title acknowledges and conveys the importance we place on the position.

Contact Our Dental Practice Professionals

If your front desk is not exceptional, take action. It’s too important to ignore. Need help deciding on how you can improvement the patient experience at your dental office? Contact Rea & Associates; our team of bright Dental CPAs can answer any questions you may have and provide suggestions on improving the patient experience.

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